LEGO Master Sword Tower

Official-LEGO-instruction-manual-style rendering is now something I know how to do!

LEGO Master Sword Tower

This model was made by my lady friend out of some of the LEGO she recently got me for my birthday. You can download the LDraw file if you want to play with it yourself and see naice little details not apparent here.

On account of the LEGO used was so new, some of the parts do not exist in the appropriate place yet. This meant I had to create/use some substitute parts, namely for the sword at the top of the tower and that carried by Space-Tramp (his head too), the four moulded rock panels, the pikes either side of the entrance into the tower, the King Skellington’s shield (and his arms and torso too) and, finally, the rat and snakes just up the stairs that I have removed from the rendering as they looked too poo. Additionally, there was one unofficial part I could add (the pillars holding up various bits of the tower) and two I could not even make substitutes for (the spider and his web).

Also, the software I’m using to do the 3D rendering seems to not understand some of the new-fangled colours and so, for example, bits which are actually golden appear as simply yellow. But it still looks pretty good, I reckon.

As for story, this is indeed the same Space Tramp I wrote about a few weeks ago. Perhaps this adventure is from before he even became a regular Tramp, let alone the Space variety. He is an archaeologist, out to recover the fabled Master Sword from a castle with a certain Triforce atop its tower. But those dang skellingtons, not to mention their pesky booby-traps, they both hinder his progress and warp his fragile little mind, preventing his return to a life of academia and dooming him to forever wander the stars, drinking booze out of his barrel-styled-replicator.

That or he is already Space-Tramp, said barrel-styled-replicator is on the blink and so in a far-too-sober daze he is attempting to nick some treasure in hope of exchanging it for parts to fix it. Or just buy a drink. I don’t know why Space-Tramp is such a booze-hound, there’s no good reason for it…