Exam Results

My first year, second semester exam results:

65% for Software Development was expected as I didn’t do so well in the second Java project. For the first project I got 79%, for the in-class test 84%… meaning 66% for the final exam. Not stellar, but a reasonable 2:1.

75% for Communications & Telematics was all down to one multiple-choice exam. As I answered 48 out of 56 questions, and because it was negatively marked, that meant the highest I could possibly get was 86% and the lowest was 49%… 44 correct out of 48 answered equals “Hoo-hah!”

83% for Web Programming was thanks to three projects worth a total of 40% of the module; I got 100% for both the first and third, and 93% for the second. Means I got 73% for the exam, which was a written one this time around; whilst I can make websites go good, I need to memorise more facts.

64% for Professional & Personal Development is the weird one. I was led to believe that this was a Mickey Mouse course; that you could get near to 100% simply by turning up to lectures and tutorials, giving a couple of presentations and handing in a CV. So I did all that. But I guess at some stage it was actually marked? Oh well.

Because I got over 60% in every module I can, if I want, change my course into a five year MEng… However, whilst that was looking tempting just a month ago, I think it more likely that I will not. I want a Masters, but I would much rather do it in interface/interaction design. Plus, I shall wait and see what happens during my year in industry; may hook myself up with a sweet career straight away, not do a Masters at all.

Anyway, twelve more weeks of summer holiday? I can totally learn Java in that time…