LEGO Gay Deceiver

In researching my next big LEGO project, I remembered the Serenity model I saw a while ago and so looked around a bit more on that website. In doing so, I came across a model very much like one I would build myself, a spaceship based on the Gay Deceiver from Robert Heinlein’s books.

Gay Deceiver

If you read through all twelve pages, you will see the attention to detail I shall be striving for myself.

Also, quite a while ago now, I finished inventorying all my LEGO bricks (well, all save three models (1381, 4027 & 4029), the parts for which are mostly still in London as part of a mighty whale). The final numbers were 12,853 bricks in total, of which 7,488 are from models I’ve acquired in the last few years (2,056 from CafĂ© Corner and 1,045 from the ginormous Batmobile alone) and 5,365 are from my childhood, reclaimed from my siblings the Christmas before last.

My next model is rather ambitious in scale, and so even all that LEGO shall probably not be enough, but I shall use Bricksmith for a lot of it anyway as I shall likely not have my LEGO with me when I’m in Germany. However, having the database of all my parts on Peeron means I will be able to know which parts I need to buy and which parts I already have, which was the goal of all that cataloguing in the first place.

Finally, No Country for Old Men was interesting and sad, the 2nd and 3rd seasons of My Name Is Earl get much better than the 1st, with an engaging ongoing story, and I’ve finished all but the final devil-battle-song on Expert mode in Guitar Hero 3.

Over the next few weeks, I shall be posting several articles and also the photos from Hong Kong. Hoo-hah.