New Year

Exams are over until May and I have a week to catch up before work proper starts again.

The cataloguing of all my old LEGO bricks has picked up steam due to me finding 1928 pieces have been logged so far, or 392 different colour/type combinations. Still at least double that amount more to go.

For Christmas I was given a lobster, a chess set and a Martian. Ooh, and my lady friend and I built the Café Corner we’d been hungering for since summer.

Yesterday, thanks to a tip-off, I bought one huge Batmobile as it was reduced from £50 to £25. It took five hours to build and I listened to the last five episodes of This American Life whilst I did that, so now, in my mind, it is linked with murderous superintendents and Cambodia too.

These last few days I’ve also been watching some films, including The Royal Tenenbaums, The Big Lebowski and The Butterfly Effect. I would also watch No Country for Old Men, Aliens vs Predator 2 and Sweeney Todd, cinemas permitting, and maybe also The Darjeeling Limited again.

Guitar Hero III is nearly finished on Expert, just two songs left; Raining Blood and One. Mike and I also completed the game in co-op career mode, he on Hard and I on Expert, and that made the Metallica song doable. However, it would seem that Through the Fire and Flames doesn’t get unlocked until the game is completed in single player mode, so though I played it over the holidays, I’ve not been able to since getting back to university.

There are other things to do, so I would go sleep now.