I don’t know. Butterbeans? It’s been a long while since I was last awake this much. 38 hours and counting, with just a 50 minute nap around 12 hours ago…

I don’t know. I was doing some coursework, spent about 14 hours on it in the end, and it is really nicely done and polished and proper… And it’s worth a whole 25% of its respective module, 1/24th of this semester, 1/48th of this year and this year doesn’t even count towards the final four year degree… My piece of group coursework, the one that’s due in four days, that one’s worth at least 6 times as much.

I don’t know. Battlestar Galactica Season Two is what I started watching in between the long works, and it is most mighty. Boomer just died; poor Boomer.

Dana died the week before last, I found out on the Wednesday. The last five years, living in London, I had meant to ask her about my grandfather, as I did not know him and she did. Oh well.

I need to write to Yuwan, Cass, David and Russell.

My lady friend moves to Germany soon.

I need to sleep now.